Tuesday, March 24, 2015

80 degrees with a chance of snow tomorrow lol!

We've kept busy here this funny month of March, with the weather reaching almost 80 degrees one day and snow flurries the next! Hubby and I put the wintry days to good use updating the guest room. New paint, new bed and fixings to make our guests more comfy. This room of course comes complete with your very own kitty if you wish!
During the sunny days Hubby was in his glory golfing and I hit the back patio with my book to soak up some nice vitamin D and catch up on my reading.

March is also Hubbys birthday month, I made all of his favorites for his celebration dinner, plus Texas sheet cake.. not shown. We ate mashed potato casserole leftovers for a week... but it is so yummy!

Finished this new cute snowman pattern. I know many of you are tired of snow now, but this guy is so darn cute you will want him hanging around all winter long! You'll find him on my website under "new Product" at www.cleoandme.com.

I love snowmen! Sadly I didn't get my snowman fix this year because we had so little snow. 

My printer has been whirring away as bunny patterns have been multiplying and hopping out the door. I have a new runner back home after being beautifully quilted by Brenda and so another pattern to write. Lots going on here... keeps us young right? 
Have a happy week.... 
Barbie Jo and Daisy

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Daisy!

An exciting weekend in our house, today is Daisies 1st Birthday! It is so hard to believe a year has gone by already. And so today is all about Daisy. She got a new toy and is dining on tuna (the canned variety) tonight! Daisy has added a lot of fun and laughter to our lives, as you know... we are just gaga about her. I made a short slide show of her 1st year for you to view if you wish!

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Next up is Valentines Day tomorrow!
I hope you have some sweet plans. Hubby is taking me out to lunch and I am really looking forward to a little adventure! 

Last but not least, I have a new embroidery design for you, just in time for Easter!
"Clover and Sam", two cute bunny designs to stitch up quick. Pattern includes pillow finishing instructions. Now available on my web site if you want a peek.

And thats it for me tonight dear people. I am going to finish making my pizza for dinner. I love to make pizza, and of course I love pizza too! After dinner I'll play with Daisy, she loves to play! 
Hope your weekend is fun and full of treats!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lovey Dovey

January has been a busy month, putting Christmas away keeping up with orders. Daisy and I have been nested in my sewing room, all cozy and warm, sewing up a storm. We have a new Valentine pattern ready for you.... "Lovey Dovey" awwwww. This runner is fast and fun to make, you can finish it in a weekend! Log cabin blocks with a scrappy look use a sew and trim method of construction. The center square uses a fussy cut motif of your choice, I of course chose what else but a Daisy kitten look a like! You can find it on my website here at: www.cleoandme.com if you wish.

Last weekend, while I was in my office deep in thought working away on the pattern, still in my jammies I hate to say, there was a racket at my front door! Door bell ringing and someone pounding on the door. I thought geeze... so I went to see who was making all that noise and who stood there but my friend Martha from Oklahoma.. SUPRISE she says.. I have candy for you :) LOL
Of course Hubby knew the plan, those two sure know how to keep a secret is all I can say! But what a fun surprise it was! And so I hopped into fast gear, fluffed up, and after a little catching up we headed into Kansas City for a little tour. We had a cocktail in the beautiful Union Train Station before heading to a favorite restaurant Cafe Trio for dinner.

Sunday we had brunch at Cafe Europa, love that place! Afterwards we stopped by a wonderful shop called Stuff where we had so much fun making necklaces with charms by Kansas designer Amy Labbe. This is just a sampling of the selection!

Difficult decisions but I finally picked a few :)

We had a really fun visit and it flew by way to fast. Martha has a unique hobby I think, she has been studying and practicing glass blowing. She brought me this beautiful paperweight she made for my desk. Awww Cleo, I see you there :)

And so I'm back to my normal predictable routine this week, the break from it was fun and nice. Slowly writing another pattern and stitching up some very cute little bunnies for another! 
Wishing you a happy week!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Night Before....

The night before Christmas, 
who can believe it is already here! 

Wishing all of you a joyful holiday, we'll see you in the New Year!
Love Barbie Jo and Daisy

Friday, December 12, 2014

Be Merry!

Another week closer! This past week in my house was baking time. The flour was flying, bowls of colored icing, sprinkles and glitter littered every inch of counter space.

The old nut grinder was put in to use as I tackled some of our favorite Christmas cookies.

Peanut brittle and those Rollo/pretzel/pecan candies were made.
Dishes and counters were piled sky high with no helpful elves in sight. Everything was packaged and mailed or put in containers... and then the kitchen cleanup began. Phew.. thats a lot of work!

And so yesterday I was very ready to get out amongst humans, and do what people do this time of year, eat and be merry! And so Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the Missouri side, at Cafe Europa in the Brookside area of Kansas City, we had the best Reuben sandwiches.. yum yum!
One of the fun things about living here is we are only 10 minutes from the Kansas/Missouri state line.
We enjoy the best of both worlds!  

Lunch was followed by a little shopping. Here we are in the New Dime Store, similar to an old fashioned variety store, aisles and aisles of nostalgic fun!

To complete my fun day the postman brought me a package... a Christmas Elf soft doll designed by Valerie Weberpal. He's so cute, everyone needs a helper this time of year! 

Be Merry!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let the fun begin....

Wow, phew, Christmas is in full swing here! Started my decorating the day after Thanksgiving and have made pretty good progress with that. Don't you just love saying hello to all your favorite Christmas goodies after they have been tucked away for a year! We were a little leery about setting our tree up with Daisy experiencing her 1st Christmas. She however has been pretty good so far and has not tried to climb it. She does however love the tree skirt with its jingle bells, and kind of likes to bat those ornaments and get them all swaying a bit. Needless to say the bottom branches have been left fairly sparse.

 I thought I would beat the rush and finish my shopping this week. With most of our family out of town I like to get after it right away. Much to my surprise it seems like everyone had the same idea, every store was packed and lines were long, not everyone had a fa la la attitude lol! Bone weary, eyes glazing over and running out of steam I stopped and treated myself to my fave sandwich at Dean & Delucca before trudging home. Turkey, brie, apricot glaze on sourdough, and who could resist a  few cute petit fours to go!

When I got home Daisy had hung her stocking on the mantle.

She has been a very good girl. I decked her corner out with a garland strung with toys and bells, hoping it would distract her from the tree and other such goodies. Knock on wood so far I think it has helped!

This weekend... let the cookie baking begin! Hoping your holidays are more joyful than stressful,
Barbie and Daisy

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two angels

November.. a happy month.. a sad month. 
The happy part, my Father in law came for a visit from Florida. Our daughter and her little family drove up from Oklahoma City to visit and celebrate Grandpa's 93rd birthday along with our sons 29th! It was a lot of fun having them all here together.

The sad part, my sweet Daddy passed away last Sunday:( 
Hubby and I drove back to Pennsylvania as our family gathered in from various other states. 
At 97 years old my Daddy was an amazing man. He was proud to be WW2 veteran serving in the O.S.S. division behind enemy lines in Burma. He was a Father to 5 children, a fine artist, writer, and played on a softball league well in to his 90's! He lead a full active life and had a funny sense of humor. I will miss talking to him. I am sad for me, but happy that he is with our Mom once again. 
Now I have two sweet angels looking down on me.
God bless and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.