Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September!

Happy September! Can you believe it, the kids are back to school (well not mine lol) and fall is just around the corner and.... it's my birthday month! A busy month it is going to be here also, I have 2 rounds of company coming... yay! Our Labor Day weekend was rather quiet here. Hubby and I went out to eat, took a little day drive to a lake north of here and shopped for these pretty fall flowers. Fox Glove, aren't they beautiful, and I just love the name. 

While shopping last week look what I came upon, nutcrackers! I used to collect them, not anymore but they do always make me smile. Christmas is full blown in the major craft stores. It may seem early to some, but when you are making gifts it is never too soon to pick up the supplies you need to get started. Are you making gifts this year? I have several projects started on my cutting table.

Speaking of cutting table, yikes my sewing room is a disaster. My room overfloweth with projects in various stages of completion, mostly early stages I might add. It is amazing how many pieces of fabric you can pull out of bins to audition for one little project, which never make their way back to storage. And I must admit my sewing room has run out of space it seems. I would love to knock down a wall and move into the adjoining room, but somehow I don't think that is going to happen in this lifetime!
Anyway, my dear friend Patty is flying in this week all the way from Buffalo NY. I am so looking forward to a week of girl time with her. Patty loves to work with wools and wool felts. There will be lots of sewing and chatter in the week ahead. 

Kitty update: our Daisy is getting so big! Everyday is a delight with her, she makes us laugh a lot at her antics. 

And now I best quit goofing off and get to my cleaning before Patty comes! 
Enjoy your week!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reindeer Obcession

Cute little reindeer, yes I am obsessed with them! It started when I was a little girl. 
For Christmas I received the Burl Ives record "Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer" with a matching storybook. My Grandfather had made my sister and I a standup cabinet which housed a little record player. It was painted sugar pink and had circular cut outs in the wood with glittery little Christmas card scenes glued inside. A light inside shone through the cutouts casting a magical glow in the room while we played our record over and over. 
And so I fell in love with that cute little Reindeer, cried when he couldn't play in any reindeer games, and rejoiced in his feisty character and determination to beat the odds.
I never outgrew my love of reindeer at Christmas time, I love them stuffed.....

and in in all shapes and forms.

And so, many of my Christmas patterns feature a reindeer somewhere in them. 
And did you know that this year Rudolf is celebrating his 50 year anniversary? 
There are many darling reindeer and Rudolf quilt fabrics available now that would look perfectly sweet to use with my new pattern.
And with that being said, this week I am happy to introduce my latest design:

"Those Silly Reindeer!"

And silly, they are! They make everything fun while helping Santa get ready for the big day!
I hope you will enjoy this fun pattern now available on my web site.
It's only 137 days until Christmas!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On the road again....

Back from a quick weekend getaway! We visited long time friends on their beautiful ranch in Western Oklahoma. Talk about wide open spaces, I would need a panoramic lens for you to take in the scope of how beautiful the views were from every angle! You can see 30 miles away, and he skies are not cloudy all day!

We drove around the property, signs of an old homestead.

Lots of unique vegetation. I love these, they are thistle I think? We saw a family of deer and an armadillo on the way.

We gathered petrified wood, rocks and old pottery shards from land run days. If you have never been to Oklahoma you will probably find the red dirt interesting, it covers everything, even these pieces.

Martha and I on their tractor LOL!

Martha is a wonderful cook and she spoiled us badly, three fabulous meals each day. I am sure to hear about this for days on end now that we are home!

It was so great seeing them but some good things must come to an end while the next journey continues onward. Next stop.... Oklahoma City, a quick visit with our Oklahoma family where we picked up our Texas twin grandsons and drove back to Kansas with them for a summer break. 
And we are going to be very busy these next two weeks! 
New design just released!! Santa and some of his fun reindeer crew are featured on this cute Christmas wall hanging. Fusible appliqué, easy piecing, so fun!! Now available on my web site at www.cleoandme.com

Daisy was so happy to have us home again. I can't say enough about how quickly we have become attached to her, she is just the sweetest thing!

Time to get the boys started on bedtime... another full day tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Fun!

We're back from a little getaway. Hubby and I drove home to Pittsburgh for the 4th of July week. That's a little haul from Kansas, the roads were super busy, everyone was on the go!
!st time we left our little Daisy and as you can see she was not too happy for us to leave!

My beautiful home town! My heart always pitter patters when we burst through a tunnel and see this beautiful city on the rivers! 

A lot was going on during the 4th of July weekend, the Boat Regatta,

and Furries were everywhere downtown for the Furry convention.

We stayed with my brother and sister in law, they spoil us rotten and make sure we get all our favorite Pittsburgh foods and activities crammed into 1 short week! While the boys golfed, Julie and I went to visit the Sarris Candy store and factory in Cannonsburg Pa. I order this chocolate on line for holidays and have it shipped, so I was in chocolate heaven! This carousel is made out of chocolate, it is so large I could not get an entire picture of it.

A close up of it's chocolate cuteness!

After leaving Sarris we drove around Cannonsburg looking for a lunch spot. I had to take a picture of this house all decked to for the 4th. Streets were lined with chairs for the parade 2 days early. Cannonsburg has the 2nd largest parade in Pennsylvania.

We drove around downtown Pittsburgh doing some sightseeing and shopping. One of our stops was the fish market Wholey's in the strip district. Clams and other goodies were purchased for the big picnic. Lots and lots of eye candy in this store, so fun!

We ran in to Mancini's Bakery next door. Now... I just freak out over a real bakery!! We don't have that here, and Pittsburgh Italian bread is to die for! I had several loaves wrapped to bring home with me, they were so nice in there.

Our trip was made extra special getting to spend time with our nieces and nephew, babies and their dogs lol! 
I also spent an afternoon with my Daddy who turns 97 in 2 weeks! He had us so busy running all over   town I did not get a picture this trip. He took us to his favorite restaurant for dinner to end our day.

Hubby and I went kayaking with our brother in law and niece at North Park lake. Neither Hubby or I had kayaked before, it was so fun!! I think we may have found a new interest. The hardest part though is getting in and out of the kayak, believe me, that was not a pretty picture on my part lol!

And now after this wonderful trip full of family and fun we are home again. Daisy was so very excited to see us, she still is a baby after all. 
I introduced a new pattern this week: "An Apple A Day" If you love apples this runner is fast and fun to make!

Still catching up on laundry and all that comes with being away. 
Also writing instructions for the next pattern which should be ready soon, best hurry, Santa will be here before you know it!

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Sunshiny Day!

It's a beautiful sunshiny day here in Kansas, finally! I swear the sun has been a rare sight these past 2 weeks. Hubby and I had dinner last night in Kansas City, we sat on the patio of Cafe Trio, enjoying the warmth, a wonderful dinner and a pretty city view while the sun went down. 
Rainy days do however lend to getting some work done and I have been in the sewing room most of this week working on multiple projects. 
This pretty pile of fabric arrived in the mail, all beautiful Jennifer Paganelli fat quarters. I've been slowly working on a quilt, just for me. 

I also introduced Daisy to my sewing room this week. Oh boy, lots of stuff to get in to in here she is thinking! But how can you say no to that cute little face. And believe me she uses this cuteness look often to her advantage.

Quiet time revolves around watching bird videos on my computer.

The mailman also brought my quilt tops home from Brenda! Aways an exciting day to see how beautifully she finished my work. This weekend I am sewing bindings on to get them ready for cover photos. 

Summer is almost here and I have my once a year SUMMER SALE running on my website. 
20% off patterns only through June 25th. Now is a great time to get started on those Christmas projects. I don't know about you but I always have something to stitch on when we travel and get a lot done that way!
And now I am going to do something I have not done in awhile, soak up some vitamin D in that sunshine and enjoy my book with a big glass of Iced Tea!
Enjoy your weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddies out there!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Meet Miss Daisy!

A busy week, as you know on Thursday we made a trip to Clay Center Kansas to pick up our kitten Daisy from the breeder. A long day there and back but a beautiful one at that, the sun was shining and the scenery was beautiful! Tall grass prairie most of the way west of Kansas City, hard to capture it's beauty as it is so vast. 

The drive home went well, Daisy cried a bit but soon settled down and napped all the way home. 
Once home she ran and hid under my chair and sofa for a day :( I could tell she was very interested in this sparkly fish but no way was she coming out! 

Day 2 Daisy gave in and ventured out. She became acclimated to Hubby and I very quickly hopping from one lap to another. She purrs and purrs and is very sweet. She has been very busy exploring her new domain, she likes the top of my computer chair. 

I forgot how silly kittens could be until she jumped down onto my desk, stuck her head right in my tissue box and got it stuck... who would have ever guessed! I suppose I will have to cut the plastic opening on tissue boxes both ways in the future! She is soft and fluffy as a bunny, we are happy she has adjusted so quickly to us, we just love her! 

Tonight I made Indian Tacos from the Indian Fry Bread Mix I showed you in my last post. 

They were so delicious!!

This week I also mailed off two tops to Brenda for quilting, a table runner and wall hanging. 
Can't wait to see what she does with them as always. 
In the mean time I will be writing the patterns and trying to keep up with Miss Daisy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day weekend fun!

We had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and I hope yours was as well. Jerry and I decided to run down to Oklahoma to visit our daughter and her family. Well, we didn't exactly run, it is a 6 hour car ride south of Kansas City, a perfect trip for a long weekend! We stayed on their family property in western Oklahoma. The property is named Rock Mary after the historical landmark on it. The rock was a landmark for settlers on the road to California. Can you imagine their journey west, You can read more about Rock Mary here if interested.

It is hard to visualize how large the rock is, this picture might give a better perspective. The kids and hubby like to hike up it. 

So peaceful and quiet out here. Packs of coyotes howled at night, lots of deer running around and other things I don't really want to know about LOL! You can close your eyes and imagine life on the prairie long ago. Especially one night when a storm blew through and the winds howled around the house, yikes! 

We had a great picnic, they overfed and spoiled us as always. We enjoyed Grandparent time with the boys, isn't it great to be company once in awhile! 

I can not leave out a stop on the way down- the Cherokee Trading Post. Lots of neat things inside but my big purchase was Indian Fry Bread Mix! Oh I love this, because I will make Indian Tacos from the fry bread. The 1st time I ever had one was years ago when we lived in Oklahoma, they are a treat to buy at the State Fair and other such events... delicious! I will duplicate them here at home and show a picture when we have them! 

From my little bag of car travel projects, this trip I worked on a punch needle design by Country Stitches, until I ran out of black floss. 

I better get more floss, this week I'll have time to work on this some more..
because guess what? We are going to pick up DAISY!!!! If you have read my past posts you will know Daisy is the kitty I chose In February from a litter of 7 adorable kittens at
House of Steward Ragdolls. Oh my gosh, I can hardly wait!