Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Fun

What a fun week we had with Hubbys Sister and Husband! They arrived bearing food gifts from Pittsburgh.... my favorite Italian bread and Sarris chocolates. Boy they sure know the way to my old Pittsburgh heart! Yummy!!!

The boys golfed, we girls did a little shopping, and we ate out a lot! The evening before the 4th we met our Son and his cute girlfriend in town (Kansas City) on The Plaza. The Plaza is known for all it's fine dining and shopping. We sampled apps at several restaurants...

ending a beautiful evening with a roof top view at the Sorella Hotel.

And then it was home to add the finished touches to our 4th of July dessert, aren't they cute! Only I put the cashew beaks on upside down, the sharp end should have been sticking out. What can I say... it was a long night!

We had an early picnic at our Sons new home... hash brown casserole, hot doggies  and treats! The evening ended with a beautiful local fireworks display.

Last night we went out for our last meal together, barbecue, a Kansas City must for all guests. As we left the restaurant the tornado sirens were blowing. My poor sister in law... it is a frightful situation and sound when you are not used to it. Rain came down in torrents with an impressive lightening display, fortuneately no tornado touch downs here! 
Today they are on their way home and back to their busy life, we will miss them.. until our next visit!
I will return to my normal routine for awhile and hopefully spend more time in my sewing room, until our next summer adventure!
Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June wrap up!

After the quilt show Patty and I relaxed with some stitching. We each made a little picture from wool using a Lori Smith pattern, I chose cats of course and Patty made a snowman scene. Mine is framed and ready to hang. A fun little project!

Mid week we made a little day trip to Jamesport Missouri, a cute town in the heart of Amish country.
Our 1st stop was for lunch at Gingrich Dutch Pantry followed by some shopping.
I was on a mission to buy our son a mega 300 hour burning candle at the Farmhouse Collection shop, they hand pour 100s of fabulous candles on site. He had envied mine from last years trip and so I had to purchase one for his new home!
One of the most unique items I came across were these metal water fountains where water came out of the birds mouths.

You can better see how they work in the little video I took. Loved them, I think I will regret not bringing one home with me for my summer garden.

And yes our son bought his 1st home! What an exciting milestone in ones life, we are so proud and happy for him! We look forward to many good times there. I could decorate the guest room "my room" ha ha, and of course bring dinners! 
Patty is now home again and getting back to her busy life. She brought me this adorable tea towel, the eyes need finished but the kittens look just like Daisy!

And speaking of Daisy, she is just as cute and fun as ever. Not a day goes by when I don't marvel at her funny little ways and cuteness :) She has easily accepted the comings and goings of our company, and if they play with her, well, they will be best of friends!

Speaking of company, we are getting ready for round two. My sister in law and her hubby are coming for the 4th of July weekend, all the way from Pittsburgh! We are so excited and looking forward to spending a fun long weekend with them. 
Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July and God Bless America!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Girls just wanna have fun!

This past weekend was spent vendering at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival here in Overland Park. It is always enjoyable for me to do a show, I met and talked to so many nice people!
I prepared a little slideshow for you, just a sampling of the many beautiful and fun quilts on display made by various Kansas City quilt guild members... enjoy!

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My friend Patty is here for the rest of this week. Tonight we are making dinner for our son and his girlfriend. But mostly we are sewing and doing a bit of this and that and just having fun... girls just wanna have fun right?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A little afternoon getaway

The sun is shining in Kansas this week and sometimes you just have to get out of the house and step away from the sewing machine. And so this weekend Hubby and I went for a little jaunt over the state line into Missouri. I had these shops in mind to visit in Cockerel and they did not disappoint! 

Five cottages in a delightful country setting, chock full of kitchen delights! 

                   And I mean full, here is just a small area of Fiesta Ware, my favorite dishes, I thought I had gone to dish heaven!

GurglePots! I was really tempted, they would match my Fiestaware! I hear they do indeed gurgle! Hubby dragged me past those, so I guess I'll never know. Um... this is not a place to bring your Hubby shopping if you know what I mean LOL! Make it a girlie afternoon!

After the shops we drove to nearby Lake Lotawana, an area which hubby had always wanted to explore. After driving for an hour through the hilly and windy narrow roads which surround the lake, we grew dizzy just trying to find our way out. By then we were super thirsty and in need of ice-cream. And so in our search of a Dairy Queen we happened across a little carnival!

I played a game where I won this penguin which cost me way more than buying it outright would have! And although we did not find ice cream, we had hots dogs and cotton candy!

Kansas City Quilt Festival is drawing closer, I finished Cleos apron and will spend the rest of this week cutting kits! Probably no more adventures for me until after the show. 

                                                                Enjoy your week!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Soggy and Wet

Hello! We are back from visiting our lovely Texas daughter and fun Grandsons over Memorial Day weekend. It rained most of our visit but in-between storms we were able to get out and about. We went to Grapevine which is always fun visiting the shops there. We ate lots of good food, played lots of Yahtzee and well just enjoyed being with them! Flying out of Dallas on Monday proved to be an ordeal but we made it home safe and sound on the last flight. 

And now I am back to my normal routine. Filling my dining room with boxes and totes, getting ready for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival which is the weekend of June 19th. I am excited to vendor at this show, if you click on the link you find a list of vendors and teachers. If you live in the area don't miss out on this fabulous show!

You will find me in booth 641 in my cute apron. I am now working on an apron for Cleo. Ha, Cleo will not be there, but my friend Patty from New York will be! She is flying all the way in too help and visit of course. Come say hi!

Do you label all of your quilts? I have to admit this is not my favorite thing to do, and so I have been working on adding labels to a small stack. All of my labels have my cute Cleo logo appliquéd  in various fabrics on them. I love when they are done!

And so what is Daisy up too? We have been working on a better brushing routine, as you can imagine with all that beautiful hair she needs brushed daily. And because Daisy does not like brushing this is our on going battle lol. She loves to play and so I tempt her with special toys during this time, this works for a short spell but not for long, she has figured out this trick pretty fast! 

Enjoy your week and I hope you find plenty of happy time! Wether it's spent sewing, or tending your garden, take time to smell the roses:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stack of quilts

A busy week for me, gathering quilt and penny rug models, printing patterns, checking my lists once and twice. It is a lot of work to present and pack up a trunk show, but oh so worth the fun and adventure. Next week I am going to visit The Silver Needles Quilt Guild in Salina Kansas, I look forward to sharing my work and celebrating their 35th year guild anniversary with them! 

I stitched up a few pin cushions to add to gift bags.

I'll tell you, if they could only see mine lol! This is what sadly I most often do, stick pins to my sleeves and pant legs while I sew. I have pin cushions, one at my cutting table, one at my desk and one at my sewing table. But somehow all the pins seem to end up in  one or the other.

And because I was so jealous of that wrist pin cushion, why I made one for myself! 
Sometimes it's the little things that make life easy.

Ending my post with a picture of my cute girl... 
have a fun and fabulous week!

Barbie Jo and Daisy

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter to you! We had a lovely Easter brunch at home today. Our son and his cute girlfriend Emily joined us. It looks like Daisy decided to join us also and be our table centerpiece lol! 

I hope your Easter table was filled with those you love and plenty of chocolate too!
Barbie Jo and Daisy